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Raising Aspirations through Higher Education – My Digital Journey (RAHE), is an interactive and engaging digital outreach project.

Our aim is to ensure that all state funded secondary schools (years 8-11) and colleges in rural and coastal areas around Devon, Cornwall and Somerset have a clear route for accessing digital resources and activities about higher education (HE), through the innovative use of virtual games, online resources, interactive social media, inspiring videos and an intuitive app.  

By using digital resources, we hope to develop deeper digital literacy skills amongst students, parents and influencers, while raising aspirations around HE. 

Digital literacy is the ability to locate, organise, understand, evaluate and analyse information safely, using a variety of digital technologies.  It is important that young learners develop the skills needed for an electronic world as it will help them to take a full and active part in social, cultural, economic and intellectual life now and in the future.  To be digitally literate is to have access to a broad range of practices and cultural resources that you are able to apply to digital tools.  It is the ability to make and share meaning in different formats, to create, collaborate and communicate effectively and to understand how and when digital technologies can best be used to support these processes.  In short, digital literacy is the ‘savyness’ that allows people to participate meaningfully and safely, in a variety of digital mediums. 

For more information about the RAHE – My Digital Journey project and how we can support you, learners, parents and influencers, please contact us on  and/or download our booklet for further information.

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RAHE Core Offer Booklet

RAHE Resources & Lesson Presentations

Yr 8 & 9 RAHE Lesson Activity Sheet (Part One Game)

Yr 8 & 9 RAHE Lesson Activity Sheet (Part Two App)

Yr 8 & 9 RAHE Lesson Activity Sheet (Raise Higher App)

Yr 10 & 11 RAHE Lesson Activity Sheet (Raise Higher App)